Carpe Articulum has suspended publication. Further details to follow soon.

Dear Loyal Readers, Contributors, Friends, Subscribers and Celebrities Whom Have Supported Us, 
As we are sure you have noticed, we are transitioning from a corporation to a 501 (c) (3) charitable status. Unfortunately this is a nearly herculean process. Due to the complexities involved (taxes and otherwise) we have had to delay publishing until September 20. The process is a grueling one, but we are certain that it is the best path for us to travel in order to avoid the perils that have consumed so many other fine literary journals in the past twenty-four months. Once these restructuring issues are completed, we are confident that the efficiency will make everything worth it. Here is to another 9 years!

Thank you so much for your patience with us during this difficult transition.

With Warmth, Ambition, and Cautious Optimism,

Hadassah R. L. Broscova,

Perpetuity Magazine   &
Carpe Articulum Literary Review

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